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...and here we will distribute
Dharma in electronic form.
Zen.Ru - Russian site
Zen for modern human How to create totalitarian sect
How to create totalitarian sect

- Practical guide for those who desire to make all mankind happy
What is the Second Logic?What is the Second Logic? - Technology of thinking for XXI century
The Internet as a part of the Path - The second lecture-discussion of Klein in the shop "The Path to Yourself"
About AIDS, messiahnism and "what's to be done?" - Shorthand record of the lecture in ZenRu office
Three Trees - Article of Klein from ZenRu Journal


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In this issue:

Zen thoughts
Short conversations
Long conversation
Horror stories
Home Task
Koan from Lotos
Readers' correspondence
To the reader

Brothers, if I shall hurt you, I'll do it regretfully.

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Chief editor: Klein

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Prometheus Rising - book by  Robert Anton Wilson
Prometheus Rising
by Robert Anton Wilson

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